Discovering cultural diversity - with all your senses

The forever changing blue and green colour play of the lake and the grey tones of the surrounding mountains, the bouquet of the wine, before it touches the palate. The excitement of touring and exploring new places and the scent of the forest in the air when cycling or hiking trails. In Caldaro and its surroundings, sensuality meets culture and invites you to want to discover more.

Culture Caldaro

Here you can embrace with pleasure the peaceful atmosphere, relax with some wine and take in the view. Whether it be on the village town square or walking through the village's small streets and passageways, or even, taking a walk around Lake Caldaro. Naturally, there is also the tranquil St. Nikolaus, a beautiful part of the village where Haus Vial is located. An extra flair of culture can be experienced in the summer months when the festival season starts every year. Wine festivals, village festivals or various club festivities offer the best opportunity to taste some of the traditional South Tyrolean specialities!

Off to the neighbours!

If you have pretty much explored most of Caldaro then it is worth a trip to the neighbouring communities. Eppan is the place for castle enthusiasts because nowhere in the rest of South Tyrol is the density of castles, palaces and strongholds as high as it is here. And as an alternative to bathing in Lake Caldaro, the slightly smaller Monticolo lakes are very inviting.

Those who venture from Caldaro heading down to the south will find the next wine village: Termeno fascinates with its historic village center and is also an excellent and pleasant hike. An excursion to the state capital is also worthwhile for cultural lovers: Bolzano has an alpine-Mediterranean flair, whether it's strolling over the colourful fruit  market square or checking out the shopping scene under a the arbours or even a well deserved aperitif on the Walther square.

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